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Welcome & iGCP Programme Overview

Good Clinical Practice for Healthcare Professionals Online Course

  • iGCP was developed by 2 pharmacists with more than 10 years experience working in clinical research industry. Both have regional and international experience in clinical trial conduct with direct knowledge in the pharmaceutical environment
  • This self-paced online course provides an overview of the various stages of clinical research to help Healthcare Professionals, especially Doctors, learn about the role & responsibilities of an Investigator, as well as the International ICH Guidelines and Good Clinical Practice GCP.
  • Upon completion, you will have the basic knowledge and understanding in the conduct of a clinical trial.


Programme Overview

  • This course is designed for Health Professionals with little or no prior experience in clinical trials.
  • The online self learning course will simulate you as an Investigator, and take you through a case study where you will learn in a chronological order, the way Clinical Trials are being conducted.
  • This course will prepare Doctors and other Health Professionals to become proficient in the International ICH Guidelines and Good Clinical Practice GCP, so as to undertake the role & responsibilities of an Investigator confidently in future.


Online Self Learning Course

  • The case study will incorporate 23 clinical trial topics. Each topic has a quiz associated with it. Each quiz will address a specific aspect of GCP covering practical interpretation and implementation of the GCP regulations.
  • Actual examples of typical issues encountered in a clinical trial will be incorporated into the case study to allow you to apply your learning and thereby enhance your GCP understanding and practical interpretation.



  • The GCP test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be completed within 60 minutes. You will have 3 attempts to complete and pass the GCP test.
  • One must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass the GCP test.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued by NUSAGE when you have passed the iGCP test.
  • The Certification will allow you to be part of an elite group of Health Professionals who are within the radar of Pharmaceutical Companies and Contract Research Organizations, who may contact you to explore opportunities in conducting Clinical trials as an Investigator in future
  • The certificate is valid for a three year period.
  • All certificates issued before 21st Feb 2012 will automatically be extended with one more year validity

Continuing Education Credits for Doctors and Pharmacists

  • The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has approved the online iGCP course as Category 3B activity. Doctors will have to submit 18 Cat 3B credit claims upon completion of the programme and furnish the Secretariat with the certification of completion to verify the claims.
  • Pharmacists who successfully complete the programme will be able to claim 18 CME points under category 3A as well.


Domain Specific Review Boards (DSRB) Approval by NHG Research Ethics Committee

  • NHG Research Ethics Committee has approved the iGCP as alternative minimum training program. Investigators who pass the iGCP Test and submit the iGCP Certificate of Completion to DSRB will be recorded as having fulfilled the DSRB minimum training in ethics requirement.




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