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Department of Pharmacy



Alvin Yang, NUS BEng (Chemical Engineering), previously employee in electronics industry, now trainee at Genentech: "The NUSAGE programme has equipped me with the core disciplines of pharmaceutical science and technology. I was unsuccessful previously when I went for pharmaceutical job interviews before coming through NUSAGE. After taking two NUSAGE-Temple University modules, namely Good Regulatory Practices and Unit Operations, I was then selected for the Singapore Economic Development Board’s Strategic Attachment and Training programme with Genentech (USA) for the development and manufacturing of chemical and biological drugs."


Pang Yun Keng, NUS BSc Life Sciences: "The GCP course offered by NUSAGE-Temple University enabled me to take on a new job role in clinical research at the National University Health System. I am now shouldering greater responsibilities in overseeing the administrative aspects of drug trials."


Koo Siang-Chueng, Regional OE Manager of GSK and NUSAGE facilitator (part-time): "The video conference lectures have been amazing. I am impressed with the state-of-the-art technology and how NUS leveraged on technology to facilitate global learning. The quality of the sound and video images of the video conference lectures were excellent and it really felt like the lecturers were right in front of the class. Smart features like the video zooming in on students who press the button to ask a question are impressive too. The IVLE platform is user-friendly and enables students to review a lecture again or for those who miss the lecture to catch up at home. This helps working students who may miss classes because of work commitments."


Terence Cheung, BPharm (UK), registered pharmacist, now Managing Director of Kemimac: "I worked in a clinical field before switching to the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. The courses have been very useful as they gave me a new set of skills and knowledge that is applicable to this industry. The background knowledge gave me a bird's eye view to the entire drug manufacturing process."


Nicole Ye Yuying, BSc (Biomedical Science), now Associate Scientist, GSK Research Center: "I enjoyed the Temple University (TU) modules most when I did my Masters, especially Food and Drug Laws. Barry is a very good lecturer. He teaches in a very applicable way such that students will remember them to interesting examples and repetition, not by hard core memory - which you forget after exams. TU modules may seem less taxing on the students but they are actually more efficient in terms of dynamism, remembering and application of what was learnt. TU modules make the Master Course more interesting. We should continue to add more TU options for students to take them up."


June Tay Ling Hwee, BSc (Drug option), now Senior Quality Associate, MSD Singapore: "The courses provided an insight to the Pharmaceutical industry that the world live by today and provided a realistic view on the fundamentals of cGMP as well as challenges that traditional Pharmaceutical companies face today. The lecturers are well balanced with both Industry and theoretical knowledge which made learning easier. They provide a realistic amplification of issues that struck a core with students as they face similar challenges in their daily roles, hence the lessons create a lasting impression even after graduation. It emphasized actual events which stretch the intuitive mind and explore the underlying concepts employed by the Pharmaceutical industry today. The MSc (PST) programme covers a wide scope of the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical industry today and broadens one's perspective of the pharmaceutical network. It provides insight to the "What's new" in the market for the future. It has certainly benefited me as I can better appreciate the workings of this industry from both the manufacturing and quality perspective. It is a bird's eye view of the industry!"


Lim Hui Ming, BSc Chem (Food Science and Technology), NUS MSc (Pharm Science & Technology), now Quality Control Biochemist, Givaudan (S'pore): "This postgraduate course provides a broad selection of modules that sums up the core functions of pharmaceutical manpower and is well balanced in coverage of both the technical skills and academic knowledge in biomedical industry. Taking up this course has provided me with the necessary skill set to face future challenges that I will likely to encounter in my career."